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Our Products

Imexsu India is trusted destination for your sourcing of all your industrial brush needs. We offer bristle brushes, flat/disk/spiral brushes, wire brushes and more to our customers solve their routine deburring and surface finishing problems.

All of our brushes and tools are designed to be high quality, durable and are available in a variety of abrasive types, grits and sizes. Industrial brushes are cutting or cleaning tools. Commonly used in metalworking settings, wire brushes are used for heavy- duty cleaning, surface finishing, deburring, surface prep, rust and corrosion removal, weld removal, slug and scale remove etc.

With industrial brushes, each filament in itself is a cutting tool. Browse our selection of flex hones, power brushes and wire brushes and place your order online today.

Our Product Range

Abrasive Nylon Brushes

Compared to the conventional metal filaments which are designed to cut only the tips of filament, our Abrasive Nylon Brushes cuts the filaments most efficiently. The nylon brushes holds abrasive grains which are exposed on all surfaces of the brush filament. Moreover, the actual abrasive action occurs on both the tip of the nylon brush filament as well as the nylon filament sides.

In addition, the filaments of abrasive nylon brushes are made of heat stabilized nylon and strong abrasive grain is co-extruded into the brush housing. Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and diamonds are some of the common abrasives materials used in the construction.

The filaments of IMEXSU branded abrasive nylon brushes are available in a variety of filament diameters, abrasive grain types, abrasive grain sizes and abrasive loading in which abrasive grain size increases in proportion to nylon filament diameter. Our abrasive nylon brushes series include wheel brushes, cup brushes, end brushes, disc brushes, mandrel mounted brushes, copper center brushes, radial coil brushes and twisted-in-wire or tube type abrasive brushes.

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Miniature Brushes

Our specialised miniature brushes are used in high speed air and electrical tools, for removing burrs, rust, cinder, scale, paints, excess rubber, carbon and other contaminations on hard-to-reach areas and internal surfaces. A whole range of Miniature brushes are avilable in Cotton, Felt, Rubber, Diamond and Coated form.

Our Spindle Mounted Brushes are for use in high speed air and electrical tools. For removing burrs, rust, cinder, scale, paints, excess rubber, carbon and other contaminations on hard-to-reach areas and internal surfaces. Particularly agressive special models for use in high speed air and electrical tools in hard-to-reach areas and on internal surfaces for removing burrs, rust, cinder, scale, paints, excess rubber, carbon and other contaminations on need to be removed.

A whole range of Mounted Points are also available in Felt, Unitised non-woven, PVA , Mirror and Polished These brushes are excellent for minor finish, particularly for highlighting and are deal for creating a blemish free surface on a wide variety of materials including metals and non-metal

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Spindle Mounted Flap Brushes

When portable power tools are used in bench area operations, our special spind mounted brushes helps keep things moving with a full line of money-saving, quality boosting coated abrasives and surface conditioning products.

We offerer a wide range of Interleaved Spindle Mounted Flap Brush for host of specialized applications. These IMEXSU braand brushes are available in variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colours. In addition, the entire range of brushes is also available in can customized specifications.

Each is designed to deliver outstanding results and to speed up time-consuming jobs such as grinding, deburring, blending, cleaning, and finishing of flat and irregular surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. Our spindle mounted discs provide a high degree of conformability.

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Flap / Disk / Spiral Brushes

Our Flap/Disk/Spiral wound Brushes and Wheels combines the characterestics of Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide. These products are applicable for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in 100 to 600 mm diameters in length of 100 to 200 mm.

They are available in:

  1. Non-woven Abrasives
  2. Coated Abrasives
  3. Interleaved ( Combination of both )
  4. Non-woven
  5. Felt.
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PCB Machine Brushes

Our PCB / Machine flap brushes design ensures simple installation All are dinamically balanced to ensure safety in rotation for consistantly high quality output.

Available in flap brushes are primarily made from non-wowen abrasives. Same flap brushes are impregnated with synthatic Resins to enhance the action and life of the brush.

They are non-loading, non-glazing, and non-dulling. As they are used the flaps wears away to continually expose new abrasive.

Major features and advantages includes Design ensures simple installation, all parts are dinamically balanced to ensure safety in rotation and are made from the highest grade of materials are used in the brushes

PCB/Machine Flap brushes are available as Standard, Bristle (Plain / Aluminium Oxide / Silicon Carbide) and Impregnated form

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Bristle Brushes

Our Abrasive Bristle brushes offer a new concept in final machining. They are manufactured using nylon filaments which have been thoroughly impregnated with a silicon carbide at the point of extrusion. The combination of different grits; the natural properties of strength, chemical resistance, stiffness, fatigue resistance, durability and high melting point, all combine to produce some extraordinary results.

Abrasive Bristle brushes characteristics are such that the filaments flex at all angles when in contact with the work surface, fitting the contours of the item being worked. Pads, belts and wheels cannot deliver the same. For hard-to-reach areas, profiling, deburring, polishing and all forms of product finishing, the abrasive bristle brush is suitable for a whole range of applications that other brushes are incapable of solving.

Our Abrasive Bristle brushes deliver a consistent finish and a uniform rate of cut. They are non-loading, non-glazing.

Our Bristle Brush - Plain are available in Synthetic & Natural materials in various diameters of Bristle and length. Can be made upto any size and shape as mentioned in Grit Table at the bottom of this page.

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